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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicPolls & Surveys · 8 years ago

What is your opinion of these singers?

What are your opinions on these mainstream singers

Justin Bieber

Lady Gaga

Katy Perry

Lil Wayne





Britney Spears

Nicki Minaj


Taylor Swift


One Direction

Jennifer Lopez

Kelly Clarkson

Big Time Rush

Also include any other artists that you feel are mainstream and are getting overexposed

The answers can be in the form of rants or complements

The reason why I am doing this is because it is an assignment from my music teacher. I have to get responses from people I do not know. I will use your answers in the form of an essay (Argumentative) on why music is getting worse or is it getting better depending on the responses I get.

Also can you guys suggest any alternatives to these artists (Bands, singer/songwriters)

Thanks :)

7 Answers

  • 8 years ago
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    Bad Music:

    Justin Bieber - He's one of the "Singers" nowadays who's giving music a bad name. Specifically giving the genre Pop a bad name. And most of all giving Mainstream Music a bad name (Mainstream music back then was good, The Beatles and Nirvana were Mainstream)

    Lady Gaga - Lady Gaga? She's such an attention whor*. She dresses up like a crazy person and calls it being different? Fuc* Lady Gaga. She always want the spotlight. I personally can't stand Lady Gaga. Yeah, Bad Romance was amazing, but what else? And Lady Gaga makes gays look like freaks and stereotypes. I can't stand that shi*. Britney Spears is better and have contributed many to POP Music. She had the Legendary Status Michael Jackson had in as early as 2 years. Lady Gaga has been here for like 4 or 5 years and still nothing. She's only in the news when she dresses up as a freak (And by the way, she copied that from Elton John and Madonna.) I was once a fan but I woke up and realized she's really not good

    Lil Wayne (And everybody on Young Money) - His lyrics are nonsense and you cant understand it. You cant understand what he's saying. He ruined Hip Hop and He's currently ruining rock with his "guitar playing" (Hendrix would **** on Wayne) Lil Wayne has ruined and is still ruining Hip Hop for every singles and songs and albums he's releasing.

    Drake - Just like Minaj and Wayne

    Nicki Minaj - She's just like Bieber and Lil Wayne. Shes giving her genre (Hip Hop) a bad name. She with Lil Wayne, Drake, Everybody on Young Money Entertainment, Soulja Boy, Timbaland, etc are the ones who are killing and ruining Hip Hop. They are the main reason why non Hip Hop fans say Hip Hop ain't music or Hip Hop is shi*. And they are the reasons why REAL Hip Hop Fans (The ones who like real rappers like 2Pac, Biggie, Nas, Eminem, etc.) say Hip Hop is slowly dying. Only kids or Ignorant "Hip Hop Fans" Like her and other wack rappers I mentioned.

    One Direction - I know that One Direction members can actually sing. Not really a big fan but I can see through some of their interviews that they all have nice personalities. The only thing I hate about One Direction is people are calling them the next Beatles :-/ (How ignorant can people be?) And the other thing I hate about One Direction is their stupid fans. Their stupid ignorant fans trend very immature things on Twitter (If you use Twitter you'll know why and you'll get disgusted)

    Good Music:

    Eminem - He's a LEGEND! When he came out with The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP, and The Eminem Show he introduced a new kind of style in rapping. The old Eminem is the best. His multisyllabic rhymes are the best. His flow is the best back in the days (There are many rappers who say in interviews that Eminem back in the day mastered Flowing, whether he is rapping slow or fast. He and Biggie are the best if it comes to flow) His one of the BEST Lyricist back in the day. But I gotta admit, Recovery was a disappointment. But Recovery doesn't suck. Many people claims it sucks because it's a dam* EMINEM Album. Eminem fans and Hip Hop Fans aren't used to Eminem being weak. But if Wack Rappers came out with the album Recovery. they will be praised cause Recovery is an Averagely Good album. Eminem just became a little weak on Recovery. But if you look at his lyrics in the Album Hell: The Sequel (Bad Meets Evil Album) He's pretty dope and good again. Slim Shady is back on Hell: The Sequel. Overall, Eminem is back. He just came out weak in Recovery but I think he will be great on his next album again.

    Adele - Yes. One of the musicians today who are really good

    Britney Spears - YES! She is the Queen of Pop! No disrespect to Madonna. Britney has many haters who hate her for no reason. First of all, they're all jealous because Britney is BEAUTIFUL, sexy, cute, talented, famous, and rich. And If you could notice, most of her haters are girls. And they hate her because they say she had a breakdown because she was crazy and she doesn't take care of her kids. While they really don't know why Britney had a breakdown. All they do is hate and hate while they know nothing. I actually feel sorry for Britney because while she was going through hard times (her breakdown) It was seen all over the news and TV. And everyone judged her. But now I'm glad that she's back on track. And I know she ain't gonna have a breakdown anymore because she has a real man now, Jason Trawick. And also because, like Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, Britney is the Queen of Pop. You know how many people hate Michael Jackson, it's the same with Britney. I just hope people will realize that she is really a great singer and dancer before it's too late. You know like what happened to MJ (He was only liked when he died). I hope that doesn't happen to Britney

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  • Oooh fun! :)

    Justin Bieber- The kid can sing, but I'm not a fan. And his fans drive me insane...

    Lady Gaga- I didn't like her til I went to her concert with a friend- now I think she is incredible! What a performer... Even if she is slightly loopy.

    Katy Perry- Her music is interesting, I have to say. But I have to be in the mood to listen to it, and some of it is just bad.

    Lil Wayne- Nope


    Usher- Nope

    Beyonce- Nope

    Adele- Amazing. :) Though I wish she wasn't so popular, I prefer artists that aren't as famous like Kina Grannis and Ingrid Michaelson

    Britney Spears- Childhood memories, I can't help but smile when I hear her old songs!

    Nicki Minaj- Oh goodness.. No.

    Tyga- Don't know them

    Taylor Swift- Don't judge me- she's one of my musical inspirations, her lyrics reach out to every teen girl. :)

    Madonna- It's okay... She's not a nice person, I can't really see past that unfortunately.

    One Direction- Their music is a bit too young for me, though 'What Makes You Beautiful' has special meaning for me as a private joke so I like that song!

    Jennifer Lopez- Not great to be honest, but I love her as an actress

    Kelly Clarkson- I love her music when I'm angry and I feel like kicking boys :-P

    Big Time Rush- Don't know them

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  • 8 years ago

    Justin Bieber is weird I dislike him and I don't know why girls go crazy over him :/

    Lady GaGa is super cool I love how she's changing the world with her music, she is very inspirational and she might even be a good ro-model :3 (I'm her, like, biggest fan EVER)

    Katy Perry seems like she's bi-polar because of her song "Hot and Cold"

    Lil Wayne is and inspirational singer to and a lot of girls I know love him

    Drake has nice music, I guess...

    Usher is making more music, I think that's good

    Beyonce is still cool ^-^ she might be getting a little old, but she's cool :)

    Adele seems too emotional for the world, she's probably the worst singer I know, it's like she wants to make break-ups sound good or something. Too many people get emotional over her music.

    Britney Spears is IDK I don't really know her... Lady GaGa likes her though :D

    Nicki minaj seems like she's trying to be creepy and cool like Lady GaGa.. I don't like her because of that, but I still like a little of her music :/

    Tyga... ?? ...

    Taylor Swift makes a lot of music for girls that seem cool

    Madonna is rude she acts like Lady GaGa wants to be her, honestly I think Lady GaGa is much better

    One Direction makes nice music for girls who might be insecure or self conscious.. they're OK, but it seems like they're going to be the next band all girls go crazy for

    Jennifer Lopez is getting way too old for music

    Kelly Clarkson I don't like her

    Big Time Rush is blehh I don't like them either.

    Source(s): My opinions :)
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  • 4 years ago

    One factor you can discover is that it's so much less difficult to sing with an acoustic guitar than with a song monitor. I have no idea why that is, however it has continually held actual for me, and it kind of feels to have held actual for the singer as good. The song tracks and voices on them are probably edited to crap and after we attempt to sound like those "robotic" voices, good, we probably fail. :) I just like the acoustic one a lot more. I feel the singer will have to retain to study extra songs she loves to sing, and submit them on youtube. It's a quality technique to have a visible college of your upgrades. So first one, I do not feel it's unhealthy however I feel it's tough to sing with that kind of song. Second I feel is well, if she practices the tune on guitar extra, she is going to discover it less difficult to have extra manage over her voice and probably even make it greater. :)

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Trash.. I don't even let my children listen to that crap the best would be probably Adele I let my kids maybe listen to her because she has good songs. But I want my children to see real music not artist who depend on autotune. My children even find it sounds like a cat throwing up in your ears. My wife would have a heart attack if little Hank was listening to Britney Spears...and Nicki Minaj they teach nothing good...and on tv its worse everyday showing half naked girls showing their butts.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I haven't heard of half of those bands. I like classical, showtunes, and jazz. I think that the music industry should bring back the old song and dance music, like what Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire used to sing.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    They all suck.

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