Upper and lower/middle class name? ?

Upper Class boys names

Lower/ middle class girls names

Upper class bitchy girls names

upperclass jock names

lowerclass names (both)

Upperclass parenty names

Lowerclass womans (white) names

Fancy school names (.....Academy)

Fancy teachers names ( madame, ms, miss, miss, senorita, monsouir ect) both genders


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    8 years ago
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    I know plenty of upper class bitchy girl names!

    American: Carrington, Remington, Wellington, Peyton, Harper, Alexis, Kennedy, Kendall, Taylor,

    British: Hero, Lysandra, Romilly, Clementine, Xanthe, Hermione, Jocasta, Lucasta, Venetia, Isadora

    And rich boys names.

    American: Leonard, Bernard, James, Hugh, John, Arthur, William, Henry, Charles

    British: Rupert, Horatio, Lysander, Leander, Claudius, Rufus, Edmund, Tybalt

    The American ones aren't snotty, but the British ones sure are!

    And for lower-class:

    Girls: Destiny, Trinity, Nevaeh, Miley, Misty, Precious, Miracle, Heaven, Brandy, Candy, Chanel, Armani, Sierra, Lexus, Porsche, Cheyenne, Kaylee, Kaylyn, Deja, Rikki, Raven, anything like Ellie Mae or Bobbi Jo, Dixie, Trixie, Rae, Raelyn, ghetto names like LaToya or Tanisha, Kendra, Lou, LuAnn, LeAnn, Chastity, Tina

    Boys: Bentley, Carter, Parker, Tanner, Cooper, Gunner, Cutter, Blade, Blaze, Stone, Dwayne, Leroy, anything like Billy Bob or Jim Bob, ghetto names like Jamar or DeAndre, Sterling, Kyler, Troy, Trey, Earl, Randy, Larry, Butch, Dakota, Junior

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  • 8 years ago


    Upper class boys names:-

    William Henry Jenkins

    Oliver Theodore Scott

    Timothy Adam Jones

    Frederick Arthur Kennedy

    Upper class bitchy girls names:-

    Clara Louise Smith

    Isabella Juliet Apollo

    Penelope Arabella Samson

    Eleanora Katherine Peterson

    Upper class jock names:-

    Austin Jeremy Charleston

    Daniel Abraham Lincoln

    Noah Benjamin Laurence

    Alexander Reuben Blaine

    Lower class names:-

    Chantelle Mariah Potts

    Chelsea Michelle Barber

    Tyler Delaney Roberts

    Jeremiah Isaac Kent

    Upper class parent names:-

    Josephine Louise

    Fiona Marie

    Theodore Michael

    Adam Christopher

    Lower class women names:-

    Kelsey Lauren

    Tracey Anne

    Michelle Rose

    Leanne Emma

    Fancy school names:-

    Oakwood school for girls

    St. Andrew's school for boys

    Bramley school

    Lachlan School

    Fancy teachers names:-

    Mrs Piper

    Mr Locksbottom

    Hope this helped x

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