My candy love help with episode #2?

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I need help with episode #2 I have to get Castiel's signature but I cant,I have gone through so many action points but I cant find Castiel or Nathaniel what should I do how do more
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First, I feel your pain. It's hard to find Castiel or Nathaniel and when you do, Castiel yells at you or tells Nathaniel to 'act like a man' (depending on your answer) and Nathaniel responds with 'If he was a man, he would do his responsibilities' bla, bla, bla.
Anyway, first off try to stock up on APs. If you log on EVERYDAY you get 10 APs each day. Try to do that for four or more days so that way you have at least 40 action points to spend. (As well as 40 bucks.) Afterward, alternate between going to the courtyard and hallway/student counsel room. You should encounter one of them, and the rest is up to you. (P.S- If you insist Castiel sign, he'll yell at you. I felt bad, but later on so does Nathaniel. For you, I mean. He blames Castiel. ^-^)


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thanks it's just so hard to get him to sign the stupid form i mean yesterday I wasted 48 AP's going back and forth trying to find either one of them thanks for the help I'll restock and try again
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