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R&P: Songs influenced by literature/history/fantasy?

I think Nine Inch Nails made a song based on a book called the Collector, I also think Led Zeppelins more folk-ishier songs were inspired by mythology. Do you think its cool when artists do things like this? Influenced by a piece art/history and showing their own interpretation

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    The entire "Snow Goose" concept album by Camel is a reference to a novella titled "The Snow Goose: A Story of Dunkirk" written by Paul Gallico...great progressive rock album;

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    Many bands reference Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings trilogy in their music as well; Led Zeppelin, Rush, Magnum, Ten Years After, etc etc.

    One of my favourites is another progressive rock album recorded during the early 70's by keyboardist Bo Hansson titled "Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings"...

    Leaving Shire - The Old Forest - Fog on the Barrow Downs;

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    The Black Riders;

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    The novel "Dune" written by Frank Herbert played a major influence in OSE's "Adonia" album released during the late 70's. Here's one of my video uploads in two parts...

    Approche Sur A / Part One...

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    Approche Sur A / Part Two...

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    Rick Wakeman's album "Journey To The Centre Of The Earth" is another, referencing Jules Verne's novel of the same...

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    Another favourite of mine based on the book by Michael Moorcock...Hawkwind's "Chronicle Of he Black Sword"...

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    Many of Hawkwind's songs/albums were based on Michael Moorcock's sci-fi writings.

    Here's one of my video uploads by the band Mournblade, a heavily Hawkwind influenced mid 80's space metal band who also used Mr. Moorcock as inspiration. Even the band name "Mournblade"...which was the brother sword to "Stormbringer" derived from the Moorcock novel of the same name...

    Titanium Hero / Battlezone / Sidewinder...

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    The extraterrestrial theories and writings of author Erich von Daniken were the inspiration for the mid 70's progressive rock album by Absolute Elsewhere titled "In Search Of Ancient Gods"...

    Here's the entire album at YouTube...'Yes' and 'King Crimson fans might be interested as Bill Bruford was part of this project;

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    Outside of the albums/songs I and others have mentioned, an old favourite of mine is the song "Tales Of Brave Ulysses" by Cream...

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    Yes! Joanna Newsom wrote about Lola Montez in 'Have One on Me', 'You and Me, Bess' was about Dick Turpin & 'Black Bess' I believe. Also: PJ Harvey has several, with 'The Colour of the Earth' coming to mind, The Shallow Man - The Ballad of Nikolai Bukharin, etc. History seem to be a major recurrent subject in many neofolk songs/albums, though it's such a terrible shame to see some extremist artists taking the liberties of 'shedding light' on certain historical events/figures, for example, see the compilation album, 'Codreanu: Eine Erinnerung An Den Kampf' performed by some very sketchy neofolk bands that perhaps seek to 'glorify' fascist ideologies and war with just as much terrifying, mindless fervour as the man in question, if anything a musical hagiography that's anything but apolitical, as the bands themselves claim.

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    Any song written by Rhapsody (of Fire) is a fantasy. It is a story (actually finished with their 2011 release "From Chaos to Eternity") very similar to the Lord of the Rings (which I've never read but have read reviews of the band stating this).

    Dragons, swords and whatnot.

    Source(s): A sheep told me.
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    Led Zeppelin - Battle of Evermore references Lord of The Rings (the novel of course).

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    Metallica had a few HP Lovecraft influenced works. The call of Ktulu and The Thing that should not be.

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    Nightwish has alot of songs influenced by fantasy.

    mostly bc the keyboardist is a fantasy writer.

  • murders in the rue morgue - iron maiden (poe story)

    rime of the ancient mariner - iron maiden (coleridge)

    flight of icarus - iron maiden (mythology)

    aces high - iron maiden (WWII pilot)

    to tame a land - iron maiden (Herbert's Dune)

    (actually ... can go on ad nauseum with the irons)

    for whom the bell tolls - metallica (hemmingway)

    creeping death - metallica (exodus)

    one - metallica (trumbo novel)

    diary of a madman - ozzy (from the movie, which is adapted from guy de maupassant)

    mr crowley - ozzy (aleister crowley)

    vincent - don mclean (ode to van gogh)

    immigrant song - led zeppelin (viking conquests)

    no spill blood - oingo boingo (animal farm)

    anthem - rush (ayn rand)

    tom sawyer - rush (channeling twain)

    rivendell - rush (LoR)

    the message/LoR - styx (LoR)

    ramble on - led zeppelin (LoR)

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    Kid a (album) was influenced by No Logo ( a book)

    Mastodon's Leviathan was influenced by moby dick

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    chameleon circuit are influenced by doctor who, as they pretty much invented the genre 'trock' (time lord rock)

    Source(s): unicorns and sh*t...
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