dc and marvel comics female supervillains?

hey i was wondering who all of the FEMALE supervillains of marvel and dc were. if you could give me a list that would be real helpful. also what their powers are and the superhero/villain they are normally associated with.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Harley Quinn - Batman

    Poison Ivy (see above)

    The Female Furies - Superman

    Cheetah - Wonder Woman

    Amanda Waller - Superman

    Circe - Wonder Woman

    Talia al Ghul - Batman

    Silver Banshee - Superman


    Selene - X-Men

    Hela - Thor

    Enchantress (See above)

    Dark Phoenix - X-Men

    Lady Deathstrike - X-Men

    Cassandra Cain - X-Men

    Spiral - X-Men

    Gamora - Unknown

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