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How do you become a STO in the Air Force?

I want to be a CCT in the Air Force but I am thinking of becoming an officer since I'm definitely going to college. I'm thinking of doing AFROTC in college and becoming a Special Tactics Officer. I'm not too clear on how it all works. How do you even become a STO? What do STOs do? Can i be a CCT officer if I'm a STO?

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    You would submit your STO application packet as soon as possible during your junior year of AFROTC. The cutoff date is sometime in early January. If you are selected you will attend the Combat Control Selection Course and be tested to see if you are eligible. After that you are put through the pipeline as normal.

    An STO is more or less exactly what it says on the tin - the commander of a Special Tactics Squadron. Special Tactics, as I understand it, is the catch-all term that refers to all of the Air Force's special operations units and the typical STS will have a mix of all of them, with individual teams being deployed to various combat zones as the situation requires (squadrons don't necessarily deploy all at once in the same way that formations do in the other branches).

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