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visiting Savannah: stay in savannah or tybee island?

My fiance and I are taking our 3 year old and my parents to visit Savannah,Ga. we hear its beautiful and have always wanted to go there. We know want to spend time on the beach as well as visit the sites in the city. we are going in june. should we stay on the beach during our 4 night stay or stay in Savannah? any advice? thanks!

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    I would stay on Tybee in order to maintain that, "Ahhh... I'm at the beach" feeling. Savannah is a beautiful and charming city, but it's on a river and miles from the beach. Similarly, parking and traffic in the heart of Savannah can be a pain in the neck, especially during peak tourist seasons. Use Savannah as a day trip or two. Stroll up and down River Street and definitely take the ghost tour (there's so much history in Savannah). But in the end, I'd opt to wake up to the sound of the ocean outside my door.

    Lastly, even though Savannah and Tybee are both very developed, you don't immediately get that sense with either one of them, which I think is sort of cool.

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    Savannah and Tybee is a approaches extra effective. There particularly isnt that a lot to do in St. Simons. good this is advisable to continuously relax contained interior the room and revel in one yet yet another. typical you have far extra techniques in Savannah.

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