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French speakers, could you help me with a text?

Is this text written correctly?:

Nous avons découvert les lois travers notre environnement.

Nous avons créé les dieux à travers de notre environnement.

Mais il n'existe aucun lien entre la loi et dieu.

Il n'existe aucune loi à l'appui de n'importe quel dieu, et il n'y a pas une telle chose comme «la loi de Dieu"

This is the English version:

We have discovered laws through our environment.

We have created gods through our environment.

Even though, there is no link between law and god.

There is no law in support of any god, and there is no such thing as the law of god.

I would appreciate your help.



To b2utifulmygirl:

How would you write it in your french?

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