Should people be offended by the confederate flag?

What does this flag symbolize for black people? Why do people take offense to it? Why do people call this flag a " rebel flag"? Also why do people hang them up and have them on license plates? Thanks

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  • 8 years ago
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    It's called the "rebel flag" because the South was rebelling against the North's new powers and economic growth .

    Slavery and all that kind of stuff was the mainstay of the South's economy.

    Pres. Linclon emancipated the slaves [by the way they were not all ***** ! ]

    Have you ever been in a fight with your brother/sibling ... lost and vowed vengance ?

    People fly the confederate flag with a misplaced pride.

    Not being black I'm not quite sure what message it sends to the black community.

    I'd venture a guess though ... the black community would see the flying of that flag as a racial slur stating the the "black man" should still be subservient to the "white man".

    To me the "rebel flag" just represents a sign of a narrow mind.

    Many now just standard the flag because it's "COOL" not even knowing the history behind it !

    It took awhile [actually we're not quite there yet ] but as a species we're OK.

    Most of us atleast.

    My father was the most racist and bigotted person I ever have known.

    Don't get me wrong, I still loved him but his views on equality were F***ed up.

    By the way FYI the "white man" is actually now the minority [ population wise ] but still for some odd reason controls 95% of the wealth in the US ! WHY?

    If you get an answer to that I'd really like to know.

    To address your original question ... persons of an open mind should not be offended by the confederate flag. It still serves as a reminder of where 'we' have been and how far we've come.

    I hope this helped answering your question.


    PS. I know I write too much !

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    8 years ago

    I am offended by this flag, and any right thinking citizen of the United States should be offended when it's displayed in protest, or in a place of honor. It represents the losing side in a class war. The CSA was a group of elitists that maintained a feudal life style, into the industrial revolution. These few elitists effectively had life or death power, over most of the people that surrounded them. They controlled the education, the livelihood, and even the love life of these people, slaves, share croppers, store keepers, and educators. Any flag that glorifies this kind of oppression, and the losers that enforced it is offensive to me!

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  • 3 years ago

    I stay in California so i've got on no account seen the accomplice flag raised, yet as an American citizen who believes in equality. i'd discover that downright offensive. The south broke aside because of the fact they have been professional-slavery and the north substitute into against it. The civil conflict substitute into fought to end slavery and reunite the rustic, to work out somebody enhance the accomplice flag is tremendously incorrect for my area. yet in spite of the undeniable fact that, that's all a rely of attitude. they might purely have it raised because of the fact that's area of their and human beings historical past.

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    8 years ago

    Wow Charles, do you think the good ol American flag should be offensive too? After all, it encompasses exactly 100% of what you listed. Oh and slavery lasted longer under the stars and stripes then under the bars and stars.

    People truly have no idea.

    People take offense because they are trained like dogs to take offense. They don't think for themselves nor learn actual history.

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