What is a business model?

Im not exactly sure what a business model is. Can someone give me an example...

Say if I was starting up an ice cream store, what could be my business model?

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    A business model describes the method and strategy a business uses to create and deliver a product or service that captures business.

    One of the best Business Models is the IBM Electronic Customer Support Architecture and Strategy originated in 1980. It was adopted and deployed in the IBM information Network in 1983. The architecture provided a solution to the old way of delivering computer software fixes.

    In 1980, to get a fix for computer software, an IBM System Engineer or Program Support rep would drive to an IBM office and load a fix on tape, then drive back to the customer location to apply the fix. There were millions of computers with hundreds of thousands of network that were not interconnected.

    The IBM Electronic Customer Support (ECS) Business model was to connect all of IBM’s customers to the IBM Information Network for electronic delivery of the software fix. Through the same connection, all of IBM’s customers and suppliers could do Electronic Business with IBM. Step 2 was to allow all of those businesses to do electronic business with each other. Step 3 was to allow all people to do electronic business with all companies. The last step was to allow everyone to exchange stuff with family and friends.

    In an article called “What Is The Internet (And What Makes It Work) - December, 1999 By Robert E. Kahn and Vinton G. Cerf” they write:



    For a long time, the federal government did not allow organizations to connect to the Internet to carry out commercial activities. By 1988, it was becoming apparent, however, that the Internet's growth and use in the business sector might be seriously inhibited by this restriction.


    In 1988, the developers of the Internet Protocol ended their closed network approach and adopted the 8 year old IBM ECS Business Model. Thus, the IBM ECS Business Model became the Internet Business Model.

    See the rise of the Internet environment defined in the 1985 IBM Information Network Marketing Guide http://www.complexrelativity.com/Internetconceptor...

    See 1985 to 1988 announcemnts and news letters for the electronic highway activity before IP, http://www.complexrelativity.com/Internetconceptor...

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    Hi, here is a video about what is a business model:


    And here is an introduction to one very popular and common business model:


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    And here is an explanation of the difference of a business model and a revenue model:


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    good question, i learned from it n it's answer.

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