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Are Amy Jo Johnson and Missy Peregrym the same person?

The actor who plays Jules on flashpoint and the actor who plays Mcnally on Rookie Blue are the same in my opinion. Is this true?

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    Yes they are.

    In 2010, Amy Jo Johnson decided to use an alias for her acting job as Andy Mcnally on the Canadian cop show Rookie Blue. Many people believe that this was untrue until she admited in Canadian Actor Magazine and posted it on social network pages.

    She is believed to have ulterior motives for this, tho she claims that it was because she was on two cop shows, both based out of Toronto and she didnt want to seem like the same actress.

    Her wikepedia had explained more but it has been deleted by over loving fans. Her myspace and bebo page are the next best sources.

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    Jeez no, Amy Jo was on Power Rangers and Missy only would have been like 13 or 14 when that show was on TV. Not the same person, but in some pics they look similar.

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