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Which rivalry is the best of the best in MLB and why?

Cardinals and Cubs

Giants and Dodgers

Yankees and Red Sox

Also why are all these teams the greatest rivalry? Is it because they're close to each other?

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    Being a Yankees fan I am rather biased, but here are my reasons the Yankees-Red Sox is the best rivalry in baseball.

    1. The Yankees, many times, have cause Boston fans heartbreak with late-inning heroics (Bucky Dent, Aaron Boone, and Chris Chambliss to name a few).

    2. The Yankees continually won World Series while the Red Sox suffered an 86 year drought.

    3. They play each other 18, most of the times 23 or 24, times a year.

    4. Over the past decade, there have been several close games and both teams have had success. Fights have also been prevalent (Zimmer vs. Pedro, A-Rod vs. Vartiek)

    This rivalry seems to rise over the others because the Cubs have been bad for a very long time and Giants-Dodgers does not get the media coverage as the Yankees-Red Sox because they are west coast teams.

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    My vote goes to the Yankees and Red Sox only because I've been exposed to it more and because I'm a Yankee fan, so I'm bias. My dad used to tell me stories about the Giants-Dodgers rivalry back in the 50's and how heated it was. Just from a historical prospective, I think that might be the best of the three. My dad is an old school Yankee fan and back when he was younger, like 50's/60's, he said the biggest rival for the Yankees was the Orioles, not the Red Sox.

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    pink Sox vs Yankees Mets vs Phillies Mets vs Yankees Cubs vs Cardinals Reds vs Cardinals i think of Reds vs Cardinals is between the final rivalries at present yet pink Sox vs Yankees continues to be between the final rivalries interior the AL.

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  • 9 years ago

    Yankees and Redsox

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