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Comic Books Original X-men?

I'm a really big marvel fan and unfortunately was born when comic books were dying out. I'd really like to get into the original x-men comics but with all the different series i don't really know where to start i've also heard about places to get them online help me out please.


Please don't say Google it i want someone who knows what their talking about to just help me out without searching a hundred links

Also besides ruining dead pool why was x-men origins hates so bad.

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    I felt the same way. Everything you said i was in that situation until i went to my local comic book store and talked with those guy. Uncanny x-men was the original series yet if you go and buy new comics it will be volume 3 and you said you would like the first volume. I would recommend using a website called and it will help you find out the value and date of the comic book you would like to have. Also someone said start at uncanny x-men 1 but he is an idiot. It is thousands of dollars. A good place to start is x-men 94. It is a several hundred dollar issue for one that is in just ok condition. If you do not have that much money (like me) i started with x-men 144. That is where the comics start to get cheaper. I also think that is a good place to start. 141 and two are a series and 143 is just out there. From there fill in the gaps. Also don't be confused if an old x-men comic doesn't say uncanny. The uncanny tittle was on and off and till it was later permanently added.

    The reason people hate origins was that it completely went against comic books lore. Wolverine was not born with bone claws but only with the healing factor. Also there where a bunch of flaws.

    Source(s): I have tons of x-men comic books.
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    The Uncanny X-Men was the series where the lineup we know premiered. There was a lineup before that also called the Uncanny X-Men. That was pretty awesome.

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    X-Men started with 'Uncanny X-Men' #1. That simple.

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