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Anyone extremely good at chemistry (particularly finding the # of neutrons/protons/electrons of an element)?

Fill in the blanks using the Periodic Table...

a) If the atomic number of an neutral atom is 25 then how many protons will be in the same atom?

b) If there are 77 electrons in a neutral atom then how many protons will be in the same atom?

c) A neutral atom with a mass number of 105 and an atomic number of 45 will have how many electrons?

d) Identify the symbol of a neutral atom containing 35 electrons.

e) What is the mass number of an atom with an atomic number of 30 and 32 neutrons?

f) An isotope of a neutral atom has 19 electrons and 22 neutrons? Give the atomic symbol of the element.

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    a) 25

    b) 77

    c) 45

    d) Br

    e) 30+32 = 62

    f) K (subscript: 19 superscript: 19+22 = 41)

  • 8 years ago

    a. 25

    b. 77

    c. 45

    d. Br

    e. 97

    f. K

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  • 8 years ago

    a) 25



    d)Br (Bromine)

    e) 62

    f)K(Potassium) (I searched in the net for this one)

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    You need to read your text book.

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    This is so should learn it and we're not going to do your hw for you

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