How to work out angles in a kite?

How do you work out the angles in a kite?

The angle at the bottom of the kite is 40 degrees.

I Have to work out the angle just above this on the left of the kite(angle 'K'). How do I work it out?

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    ill use a different example for explaining...

    say theres 4 angles, all points are A,B,C,D,E

    Label the center point where the diagnonals intersect E.

    angle1 is 90, because of symmetry AEC = CED and AED is 180.

    angle2 is 9, same as ADB.

    angle 3 is 81, because the angles in a triangle (AED) must add to 180.

    angle 4 is 40, because the angles in a triangle (ABE) must add to 180

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    it depends on shape.whether its a square,rhombus etc.tell me that.

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