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Am i depressed or just miserable and an idiot ?

Basically around a year ago I thought i had depression and found it difficult to enjoy things I once enjoyed /.I was on citalopram for around 4 weeks and kepy complaining to drs about errectile dysfunction, feeling like the world was ending etc. I then had a psychosis just after I lost a ton of weight and ended up in hospital. And since then i havent got a sense of humour or feel like doing things : the gym , swmming watching films socialising with friends. I feel mentally impaired ( lack of sharpness find it hard to come up with ideas) and my imagination has gone usually i would excel at coming up with ideas but now i have difficulty. I had to leave uni because i couldn't do the work because i couldn't really be bothered, i know it sounds lazy but before id have the emotion to do it which is now lacking. i only see the world out of my eyes instead of seeing the humour or the good things and my senses are dulled i know im complaining for llife but id like to be my old self again. Im on abilfy and venlafaxine and i have started the gym again but at the moment my life seems pointless during tthe summer last year i also didnt sleep properly for around 6 weeks and became obsessed with going to the drs. Im just wondering is it depression because i dont feel sad or blue but i don't feel anything almost like an eternal numbness and i cant follow story lines in films or enjoy music which used to help me inthe past am i depressed or just a person who is apathetic and miserable ? I also feel like ive become boring and unintelligible :(

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    I will explain as well as I can. Please forgive any spelling, grammatical errors. I will use simile to explain the situation. Like a surfer on the sea we all have ups, downs, and obstacles to deal with. We cannot control our fate; we can only ride the wave(s) as best we can. If the wave washes us under the water we need to hold our breath until things get better and keep pushing ourselves up toward the surface. Bipolar people seem to have a rhythm of waves that are large. With all large waves there are deep valleys below. Sometimes they get washed over and it is difficult to get back on the next wave, but they still must do so or drowned. The average person seems to have smaller waves to ride and thus an easier time surfing. Hyperkinetic people seem to be riding a title wave and schizophrenics seem to be chased by sharks. Don’t embrace the wave; don’t fight the wave, just ride the wave. The key to surviving as any person is to take one statement to heart “Accept what is, then move on to the next step” “All journeys are just a sires of incremental steps.”(I'm not a medical/or psychological professional)

    For furthar help:

    Read Greek Philosopher 469-399 B.C: Socrates. He was the wisest man that ever lived and helped me very much. He spent his life teaching others how to live. Some say he never existed, because he did not write any books. This is because he did not live to be remembered, he lived to teach others to live better. Most of what is left of him is written by a man by the name of Plato. Plato was a Olympic (Isthmian Games) MMA fighter who used bronze boxing gloves in his fights. Plato is now only remembered because of what he learned from Socrates. Note: the smartest man that ever lived was a little known man by the name of Douglas Adams. Douglas Adams is thought of as only the comedic writer of the book "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". This writer was so smart that he had to use metaphors, slimily and contrast to explain the nature of the universe, life, and death. When the average person reads his books they laugh. This is because they subconsciously realize a small portion of the sad nature or "of life the universe and everything." A clue to your problem is also held in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" when it explains that life is a number divided by infinity. To sum up the situation, to find the intelligent answer to your propble you can read the works of Douglas Adams, if you are a super genius and or very patient. Or you can simple learn the Socratic Method and thought process. Note: How Socrates died is not important. He did not fear it, nor did he welcome it.

    The Path to all solutions can be found in 4 steps. Step one is, reading to come to an understanding of a problem. Step two, making a definition of the problem for myself. Step 3 asking for others for their definition of the problem. Lastly, combine all good definitions and laugh at the obviousness of the solution.

    Source(s): Reading, studying, meditating, and listening. (I'm not a medical/or psychological professional)
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    I am quite familiar with your situation N it has been 1 year since I startd my dep medication 2..

    I have had most of your experiences n I later found them out to be MENTAL BURNOUT symptoms..

    U need 2 slow down N take 2 weeks off n go away 4rm all ths thngs for maybe a Vacation 2 a calming place..

    Find out if ur medication have side effects and if not Plz continue with them.. It helps in the long run!!

    Wish u Best

    U snd mentally

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    omg.. im going through the exact same! i feel like i have no motive to live everyday.. some days im sad, other times i just feel numb inside.. i dont know what to say or what to do. I just feel stupid. Im at uni right now but i hate it and i dread going to uni. I feel so retarded and i cant be fcuked doing the work.. i just sit there. Im always crying... somedays really angry.. somedays just blank. I dont even know myself anymore. im boring and i never feel like going out. Im so stupid. I have no idea. Im just depressed and blanked. Like the world has stop spinning :(

    It fcukin sucks. after reading this i realised im not the only one

    I was thinking of seeing my doctor tommorw because i have no one to talk to and im so clueless

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    Your concentration did not seem to stammer when you wrote your question. Call your local county or city mental health agency. ASAP. This is a public forum not a inexpensive doctors visit.

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    only a psychiatrist can confirm this, please see a doctor

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