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What would be the best way to learn Scottish Gaelic from Australia?

I live in a city where there are no Gaelic facilities, so the only options are long distance courses or internet/book work.

My current plan is to practice with an app on my iPod touch for this year, to build up a vocabulary (but no real grammar or phrases).

Next year and the year after I could do Sabhal Mor Ostaig distance courses to get fairly advanced, and maybe after that I could have a long holiday/exchangey thingy in the Hebrides where Gaelic is spoken.

Any better ideas/ faults with my plan?

Thankyou, and please don't say anything rude about the language.

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    The Sabhal Mòr distance learning course for beginners

    is your best plan.

    A phone app that just gives you vocab without grammar - with no structures that enable you to use it - sounds like a complete waste of time. The SMO course is for complete beginners - you'd be better off going for it straight away. You absolutely HAVE to hear the language being pronounced properly - if you spent a year " learning " vocab off your phone - just learning g words from their spelling, with no idea how to say them or use them - you would actually make things much harder for yourself in the long run.

    In the meantime you could buy one of those Gaelic book+CDs courses - I think "Gaelic in Three Months" which was published by either Hugo or Dorling Kindersley would be useful to you. [ don't believe the "three months" bit] A dictionary with modern spelling, like the Teach Yourself one edited by Boyd Robertson and Iain Macdonald, [which gives English to Gaelic] is essential

    If you do have the possibility of coming to Scotland in a year or two - then GO to Sabhal Mòr for one of their short summer courses - it's an entirely Gaelic-speaking environment, and you'd make more progress there, with other learners, than "out in the community" where people would speak English to you, to be polite!

    add - you do know about this lot?

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