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Do I have the right to be pissed at my mom?

Yeah, I recently caught my mom watching porn on my laptop. I was severly suprised, and I thought of fapping, but then I was a little annoyed. I confronted her about this, but she that this is natural in all humans. The problem is, whenever she catches me, she gets angry at me. So, my question, do I have the right to be pissed at my mom?

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    I know you are upset, but remember, she is your Mom, and you will ALWAYS be her little boy. I really don't think porn is healthy to watch, because it really is more fantasy, than "real" sex life, but all young people have raging hormones and are curious and interested in sex. It's just natural. So try not to be mad at her. It's going to make her upset no matter your age. And it might help if you were a little more discreet about it so she doesn't have to know. She'll feel better, and you won't have to be embarrassed. But don't get hooked on it. A little testosterone goes a long way. Take care ")

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    Not "normal" in a balanced person to watch porn. A lot more guys do than gals for various reasons. If a person has a life -- job, hobbies, friends and responsibilities and a normal sex life, then porn is not usually necessary. A little bit goes a long way if someone is just curious about that sort of stuff. But it can become addicting, especially to males, and it can cause them to be lazy lovers in a relationship, and then the female gets the short end of the stick. Tell mom to get her own laptop.

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    Uh, yeah you do! Masturbation and exploring yourself is completely natural.. The only reason she should really be mad is if you are under 18, because then it would technically be illegal for you to watch porn.

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    Well, I'm sure she doesn't wanna see her kid watch it but it is normal to want to so it seems like she would be contradicting herself but then again I wouldn't blame her...and yeah u do kinda have a rigt to be mad, cuz...on your laptop? :P

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    She should watch it on her own computer then you don't have to witness her bad judgment.

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    Its bad to watch it anyways.

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    No, that is ok. Why should you care?

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