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Help my friend? ANSWER FAST!?

K so i really suck at advice and comforting people and stuff. Like I'm fine with it in person but not over text. i just don't know what to say. so yeah i have this friend and she really liked her boyfriend but she dumped him today because he was being a jerk to her and flirting with all the popular girls rather than her. so i texted her and asked her if she was ok and she said "I wasn't. i was crying really hard" and i said "Im so sorry!:(" and stuff like that then later i was like "are you okay now" and shes like "umm yah" and i said "Are you sure" and then she replied "No" So yeah i mean i've said "im so sorry" and "Do you want to talk about it?" and stuff like that but i dont know what else to say. advice?

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    Tell her that she deserves way better than than that and you deserve a guy that treats you right your a nice beautiful girl you don't need him you shouldn't be crying he should be the one that's crying because he just lost the best thing that could ever happen to him and no matter what ill always be here for you you don't meed him watch you will get the guy of your dreams one that's perfect and won't flirt with other girls you will find the guy that thinks your the brightest star in his sky and he will not see other girls the same or even close to how he sees you :)

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    Try to think about what you'd say in person and text it.... Like maybe you could tell her comforting things that would be easier to say in person, maybe call her and talk, but say things like he doesn't deserve her since he's giving his attention to all the other girls, he is not valuing her as much as he should, so she did the right thing. Hope you can help her feel better!

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    Drop what you're doing, get ice cream, and go watch cartoons with her. It's an easy fix for any age. My friend rode her bike over to my house the first major breakup I went through and drove over in the middle of the night to cuddle me (no homo when it's your best friend!!haha) so I didn't feel empty. Just be here for her and tell her that she deserves the best and he just wasn't it. Tell her that things will get better and you will always be there for her!

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