Amusement Park Every Thursday?

My mom and I got a season pass to hershey park for the first time this summer. Every thursday my mom has off from work so she plans for us to go almost every thursday to Hershey park. First of all is this a dumb idea. And second how should we do this...Tips?

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  • Ella
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    9 years ago
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    No, it's not stupid. You might get a *little* bored going to the same park every week (I try to go to a different park every week, but in your case you only have a pass for one park so that'll have to do). I'm sure your mom will not want to go *every* Thursday since she might want a day to relax. I don't think you need any'll be going so many times that by the end of the summer you would have ridden all of your favorite rides a bunch of times. I think it's always better to go in the morning - crowds start to hit around noontime and in the evening.

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