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How should i tell my parents i think im bulimic ?

Im 13 and ive been stressed out and depressed. My life isnt bad. Its just my family is torn apart and i feel like a have no one. I eat like crazy over depression then i go throw my self up.. Or illl look in the mirror and see how fat i am and illl throw my self up i feel like itll make me fit in more or people willl love me more if im prettier or something.. And when i eat like crazy then throw my self up the next day i starve my self cause i dont think the throwing up did enough. Its so bad that i use throwing myself up as something to get my stress out. It makes me feel better. Ive been doing this for about 6 months, Am i bulimic ? Im so confused.. I wanna tell my mom but im scared for her reaction i feel like ive disappointed her so much.. And my dad willl just flip out and callll me names and stuff. Hes not understanding at alll. Im thinking about writing her a note and telling her but i dont know what to say... Cause i express my feelings better over writing cause im not a talkative person..

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    Well it is a emotional problem and most of the time, only the person suffering can solve their problem, because it is just "all in your head". So i think you should try solve the problem yourself first then if you cant ask other for help.

    Something similar happened to me i know how you feel- you feel empty, like your running on nothing and that you've got nothing to keep you going.

    I don't think there is a way to solve this problem but i think, you should find something to do, something that you want to achieve in, and stick to it. This will i guess make you motivate yourself. I guess you just can't always depend on other to motivate you.

    To fell happier you just have to learn to appreciate your life. You have to appreciate how you life is better that the people that are suffering for reasons they may not even know.

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    Hey hun! my sister had anorexia and I had a small bout with it so I know what its like, yes you defiantly need to tell your Mom, I'm sorry that your Dad is not the understanding type, but maybe if you get help he can learn more about it and will not give you such a hard time. You can write your Mom a note or just talk to her in person I think she'll understand you. I know you think you'll let her down but getting over this and feeling better is the best thing you can do for her and yourself in the long run, Don't be ashamed of this its something many girls go through and there is nothing wrong with you its just out of control and you need to get help and take control of your life. Hope this helps stay strong and good luck!!

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    This is such a common problem. Suffering people are afraid to ask for support from their families because the families will freak out and the hurting one with have to comfort them, which is the other way around what it should be.

    Is there a counselor at school? Or a community centre? A doctor? You do need to get help. The first help might be support in telling your parents, if that's what you want. There's obviously a lot of tthings that are wrong.

    My family is a sick family too. Even when we're trying to be nice we mess it up and hurt each other.

    If there is nobody else, then you'll have to tell your mother. Write her a note, ask her to be calm and to help you figure out what to do.

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    I think that you should sit your mom down and tell her what you have been going through and what you are feeling. After talking to her, you can ask her to speak to your dad or you can talk to him if you feel comfortable. Telling your family will help you. I think that you will make your parents proud by doing the right thing, which is getting help. When I have to tell my mom something I know is going to make her mad I ask her, "Can I tell you something and you won't get mad?" whenever i ask her that she tries to understand and never yells. Hope I helped

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    A note is a real good idea. Do it tonight.

    I think your Dad will react better than you think.

    But no matter what get some help.

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    it sounds like you are better talking to your mom than dad. i would simply go up to her and say can i talk to you. and explain. she wil surely understand. then you two can figure out how to tell your dad(or not!)

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