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Can someone please give me some good reasons for me to have my bunny inside instead of outside?

I really want it inside. It will be easy to access and it will be much more safe. My bunny is currently on the balcony with a cover so it doesn't get direct sunlight. My mother is mainly afraid of the following:

1.) Fur flying everywhere since my bunny is really furry, it is a lion head.

2.) stinky smells (I don't smell anything though!)

So please give me good reasons. My mother said that she will take the bunny in if it is to hot or cold, or if it is raining or stuff. Still, I think the bunny will be better off inside without the birds bothering it and insects. Please no rude answers i just want my bunny to be healthy!! Thanks!! :)

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    Well first off rabbits do not smell they are very clean animals, they only thing that would smell is the cage if you do not keep it clean. Rabbits do shed however if you brush him/her during this you would not have a fur mess in the home..

    Unless the rabbit is in an area where there is shade all day the rabbit can overheat very easy, Rabbits can over-heat rather quickly, and are uncomfortable at temperatures above 83 degrees..

    A rabbit living outside is a sad lonely rabbit. Rabbits are social animals and love to be around there owners, most cages for rabbits are to small and not fit to house a rabbit, they have wire bottoms and this can cause sore hocks.

    Rabbits need playtime 5+ hours outside of the cage with a rabbit living outside on a balcony they can not run around like a rabbit was meant to..

    Rabbits living outside just don't get the attention they need from there owners....

    Source(s): Owner of a male house rabbit..
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    1) Spider bites. A friend of mine had an outside rabbit, and it died from a red back bite.

    2)Sicknesses. It being inside means less sicknesses, and less vet trips.

    3) Loneliness. Many outside rabbits get ignored. By the sound of things, you only have one rabbit, so it needs lots of attenion. Rabbits are used to living in warrens of 40+, so even if you only say hi or give him a quick pat on the way to the door, it will help.

    As for the two problems, I have solutions.

    1) Take him outside twice a day and brush him well.

    2) Clean the cage once every 2 days, and spray special pet nice smelling stuff in it. If this doesn't work, open a window often to let air circulate.

    Show your mother this, and always be super nice to her. Maybe she'll give in.

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    Puh-lease. I have 2 ferrets locked away in my room with me. SUPPOSEDLY they smell really bad, ever hear that? All I smell is my glade plug in since I know how to clean daily.

    You-"Mom, I want my bunny inside."

    Mom-"Give me one good reason why I should?"

    You-"Give me one good reason why you would want to live outside?"

    ....if that is too much sarcasm for you....

    You-:How about we just try it out? If fur gets everything & it smells then I promise to go back to the previous arrangement. Until then I promise I will try to the best of my ability to show you have nothing to worry about. Please, mom? I love you! (can't forget the love).

    I wish I had a debate team back in school, I would've kicked butt!

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    won't get fleas or ticks

    they can be litter trained so they won't smell

    they won't get heat strokes

    If it gets too cold you won't have to worry

    I have 8 rabbits and all are really furry and the fur does not get all over everything. Just brush them every week

    they will be more people friendly because they will be around people all the time

    they live longer

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    there is truly no reason any rabbit won't manage to be housed exterior. No rabbit must be housed in direct image voltaic, OR a place the place it is thoroughly darkish each and all the time. yet many times the fringe of the home is a valuable place the place it keeps to be easy however the solar isn't shining immediately on the hutch. "Albino" rabbits (referred to as purple-Eyed Whites, or REW formally) are no longer any further comfortable to easy than different rabbits.

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    My best friend had a bunny. She kept it outside in a cage up off the ground. It died from a spider bite 8; it had been inside that spider never would have bit it :(

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    It'll be happier if it's around people rather than by itself. You might remember to feed it and care for it more if it's inside. And if your mom's worried about the smell, make sure to clean its living quarters constantly.

    Source(s): 2 bunnies
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