Who thinks Black guys are the alpha male?

That is b.s. Im a black guy and i can't get with no women. Im not ugly but i am black. It seems only black girls like me. But the black girls i know are ugly. Their not like those hot black celebrity girls. The ones i know are fat and look like that precious girl. Or they have nappy hair. I swear i only know 3 good looking black girls in person. One is light skin and the other 2 are dark. They all have bf's and the light skin black girl is going out with a white dude. I want a white/latina/asian girl the hot ones not the ugly ones. YOu might think im full of self hate and shallow. But put yourself in my shoes. You had one hot biracial girl and she left you for another person. And she did the damage yet she is happy. And she feels sorry for you, it gets me pissed that no one thinks i got a girl like that. And a girl who seduce me because i didn't like her at first. She was Beautiful but had self esteem problems and i help her feel good about herself and now she acts like she was always a social butterfly. I don't need pity from her. So you want to get with a hotter girl to make her suffer. My older brother is black. And he gets white/latina/asian girls an he brags it in my face that i don't do what he does. That's i can't settle for an ugly girl. Im not saying i probably wont like an ugly girl but at least i want to choose the ugly girl and not go out with her because i have no choice.


**** no dejele. Thanks but i don't want to be an afrocentrist like you. Even i know the answer for my self hate. I want a girlfriend similar but better than my ex. Thats why i like white/asian/latina girls. My brother makes me feel ugly because he can get with those girls. When my parents are not home i hear the moans from those girls. But he is not like me i actually want a girlfriend he is mean to them. He calls them racial names like snowbunny, pikachus, or "putas" And yet this girls want him and not me.

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