mites that infested my room...?

the other day i noticed on my windowsill... actually on my phone that was charging and by it... these super small smaller than ants bugs all over my phone and windowsill! it freaked me out, and i thought i cleared my phone of the things (it was like 2 in the morning and i just wanted to sleep).. i put my phone on top of my bag, thinking it was safe, but dumb move on my part... next morning i saw an infestation of the pets not only on the windowsill, but on my phone and bag as well... and idk what these things are for real, but they leave dandruff everywhere, and if you try to use a tissue on them, they get picked up like magnets (they look black on a white surface and white on a black surface), and they multiply like omg, idk wat! no doubt they eventually took over my bed (i saw one on my bed, seeing one is one too many) we managed to do our best in getting rid of them the best we could... my mom trapped some in 2 ziplock bags to bring to a pest control place to get medicine or something, but my dad said they were moving too fast for them to figure out what they are... but most people we've asked so far suggest they're mites... but even if we felt itchy, we took a hot shower then turned out fine... so they dont really affect us... and we do have cats, but they are mostly outdoors, and they are never in my room really... any ideas of what type they could be? cuz i've been googling with no luck, i'm curious to find out exactly what they are

also, yh, i know the terminator would be the first thing to do, but not sure if we can afford them unless we really can't handle them... my dad has this super strong anti bedbugs spray that works great...

and also, i got no clue what category to put this post, thanks for reading :)

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    9 years ago
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    If it turns out to be scabies (or even mites, really) you need to wash everything in the room in very hot water and spray while the cloth stuff is out of the room. Scabies will burrow under your skin and cause itching that simply will drive you nuts!

    Also, please let your mother know about this because everything in the house needs washing. In your bedroom, make sure you wash the drapes, bed skirt anything in your closet that is sitting on the floor.

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    Bring the cats in, even if only for a few hours a day. Your room will have a "cat in residence" aspect that bugs avoid. This worked for my sister-in-law, when she moved into a new apartment that had cockroaches. She got a cat and never saw another bug of any kind.

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