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How do I pressure my Gf to have sex with me?

Ive already tried "if you really loved me you should physically show it", "you're the only girl I ever think of, cant you atleast relieve my needs?" and "the only reason you probably dony want to have sex, is because you probably get it somewhere else". Im starting to loose my patience in this girl, and just want to get laid. How can I make her have sex with me?

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    Disgusting tool. I was pressured into sex, and he gave me those same reasons, and I was sexually abused for a year after that. Leave the girl so that she can escape you, you sick predator.

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    you're kidding me right? hilarious. If not, **** off and leave the poor girl alone, depending on where you are, the definition of consensual sex is "freely given" you pressuring her, is not "freely given" therefore she can charge you with rape if she's clever, and she wouldn't have to win to make people at least think twice about you. In fact, just telling people what your like would be enough to make people think twice about you, fool.

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    Go pay for sex - you don't deserve any better. BTW - MAKING her have sex with you is called rape.


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    9 years ago

    da fuq did I just read? o.o

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  • 9 years ago

    If you were a good boyfriend & really loved HER, than youd let her wait until shes ready...

    please answer mine;_ylt=AqYIJ...

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