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What is the best quality grocery store cat food i can buy? ?

Im currently feeding my cat purina one smart bleand chicken and rice for dry food and whiskas puurfectly chicken and purrfectly fish wet food meals. the closest petsmart is 45 mins drive away and i can not drive right now so i buy the best i can find. I know to look for no by product but other then that i have no idea how to make the best choice

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    The Purina One is a good food. Stay away from Friskies, store brands and the gimicky foods. Labels tell you very little about what is really in the grocery store foods because they do not use "fixed formulas". Once a meat is removed from the animal it becomes a "by-product", so "by-products" is just a marketing tool to scare the buyer! The quality of store brands has come up in the last 20 years, so there are some viable choices in the grocery stores. Many WalMarts and Hardware stores care the Iams brands, this is a good product. Purina has been feeding pets for years, and their upper shelf foods aren't bad. Just stay away from soft morsels, they contain sugar to make them softer, and canned food. You can feed the same kibble forever, just change the formula by age. The life cycle products address the nutritional needs of growing cats. You are just paying for water with canned food, and it doesn't provide the dental benefits of hard kibbles.

    Source(s): Small Animal Dietician/Pet Food Rep
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    Sorry but the cheaper foods will cause some cats to throw up and have problems. You would do better to just get a quality food and not look for a bargin. Try Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance, Merrick, BG (before grain) for top quality. Royal Canin, Max Cat or Authority for more reasonable priced foods. The better the food, the less vet bills! And you cat should be on a canned and dry food diet.

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    Here are a couple sites that might be of help to you: - several links about canned and kibble and how to read the labels. - This one is particularly good which names specific brands and flavors!

    Try buying your premium cat food at PetsMart or PetCo in the larger bags so you just have to make a fun once a month. They sell nice sized water tight and air tight plastic containers to store your kibble in so you don't have an open bag drying out or for the cat to dig into.

    Hope this helps.

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    Wellness is the best food for cats. If your grocery store does not carry it, see if there is a Petco nearby. Or a small petstore might sell it.

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    um. my butcher doesn't sell cat meat.

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