How do I play my iPhone videos on my computer?

I have several videos of my kids that I have recorded with my iPhone that I would like to view on my computer. I connected my iPhone to the computer, went to "My Computer" to locate the device, opened it, then copied and pasted the videos into "My Documents" on my PC. Now I have tried several programs to play these videos back (iTunes, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, VCL Media Player) and none of them work. The audio comes through just fine, but the picture is distorted. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Help!

Edit: My operating system is Windows XP Professional


I'm wondering if the file type is the problem? I tried uploading one of the videos into Windows Movie Maker and the file type of the video (.MOV) was not supported. I changed the extension to .avi and that made the picture clear, but it slowed the video waaay down. Any suggestions?

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    The video may be distorted due to the iPhone's very low quality camera or a smudge on the lenses, clean the lenses and check if any video quality is better.

    The computer also might not be able to handle the higher definition quality of the footage and thus is ignoring parts of the video for performance.

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    Wma Player For Iphone

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    Just check the resolution of the iPhone captured video. The resolution of the captured video depends on the iPhone used, any 3rd app used to record video.

    The picture quality can only be distorted due to inferior quality videos.

    Secondly, the player used for playing is ignoring certain video frames. Try playing the video in iTunes default player and than you will get a clear picture.

  • 5 years ago

    Use Tenorshare Video Converter to help you convert iPhone video to other popular video formats that can be played on your PC. For example, MP4, AVI,etc.

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    9 years ago

    The best fomat for Windows Media player is WMV. MOVis video format for most of mobile devices,if you want to edit video ,you had better convert the MOV to WMV. If you only need the audio , I think WMA is better choice.

    Since you only have some videos to convert ,I think you can use the trial version of AVS Video Converter ,it supports mov to many format ,including WMV,WMV ,MP3 and ect. Have a try.

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    Try transporting the files into a windows movie maker file if you have that program, that sometimes works.

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