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Why can't I love people properly?

I was never abused (unless being called a b*tch, fat whale, etc. is abuse), but my mother and I have a horrible relationship.

I have called her c*nt, b*tch, sk*nk, etc., and she has called me b*tch and told me to hang myself.

Whenever she talks to me I just tell her to shut up.

We are broke. (this laptop/internet is property of a free online school I had to attend because the last high school I went to was sh*t) Always have been because she has multiples disabilities involving her back and knees.

I am super shy and have terrible self-confidence.

I have 0 friends.. I know no one outside my family.

Everyone basically views me as evil and whatnot, so I just accept it.

I am very selfish and have lost passion for everything.

Onto the question.

Whenever I grow close to someone, it either turns into obsession or I push them away. (and regard them with disdain)

Why is this?

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    Poor interpersonal skills.

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    If I am right, this is a defence mechanism to prevent yourself from getting hurt or you feel insecure if you grow close to someone and It goes bad then they will have an intimate knowledge of you that they can use against you. If you want to do something about this then just be friends with people and don't reveal too much about yourself (works for me) and also, you don't need to have a realtionship with your mother just coz shes 'family' but your still living with her so make a neutral 'peace'. only talk to her when you need to, only see her if it is nessesary. It is benificary to have friends in some circumstances so just make usefull ones.

    BTW don't call me evil just coz I say that -.-

    Hope this helps~

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    U seem to not know what you want. Fix up your relationship with your mom and open up a little...I'm very shy but I make up for it by being extremely nice to everyone. If more people start liking you, you could learn how to deal with things and not push people away or obsess...u need sum practice with social skills is all. Just be kind and be yourself and things should work out :p

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    Wow you sound like me in some aspects Probably poor social skills.

    Source(s): My opinion.
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    start treating other people how you want to be treated. and go outside your comfort zone to meet new people

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