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how do i get a boyfriend?

i really want a boy friend all my girl friends have one and wont tell me how they got there boy friend please help

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    Theres no real secret to it. Once you meet a boy that you feel that you could start a relationship with, start showing your interest in him. Flirt, drop subtle clues, ask to hang out or spend time together. It's pretty simple :P if he likes you back he'll start doing the same. And after awhile.. voila! relationship. Though it's not quite that simple, all it takes is some effort. Though you've got to remember that the best relationships are the ones that are based on trust and compatability. Good luck :)

  • 9 years ago

    you look at every boy in the eye ya giggle if you really feel it you put your arm arround one that doesnt brush you off you know that one you really been wantn n you say you know i think we would make a really great couple they either say i dont like my tounged behind or you have really shitty experiances n then you get a really good one that makes you apprciate it all

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