Accounting vs Criminology degree?

Im going to become a police officer. But before that/during that im going to study for a degree in either accounting or criminology. Which one shall i pursue and which is more advantageous?

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    9 years ago
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    Accounting has much MUCH better job prospects and career outlook than criminology. You'd be a fool to waste a degree in accounting on becoming a police officer. That said, if that's really your career goal and that's all you want then just go with the criminology degree. You'd really just be making life harder on yourself by studying accounting since you plan on not using the degree at all.

    Accounting would provide you with a good fallback incase you have a change of heart or aren't accepted to a police academy, but as I said, accounting would be a total waste and just a way to make your life more difficult if you don't plan on using the degree.

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