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The emotional aspects of pms are so severe for me that it's interferring with my life. What can be done for me?

As a little background, i also suffer from PTSD and anxiety and panic disorders after I was almost killed when I was hit by a car. I'm not sure if this makes any difference for what I'm asking about here.

Since I was a teenager, I have had to endure two weeks of terrible emotional upheaval and physical discomfort prior to my period. I become extremely distraught over the state of my life, to the point of entertaining ideas of walking out on my job. I am ultra sensitive about everything that happens to me. I plunge into a deep despair where I feel like I'm trapped in h life situation and it's hopeless. I have overwhelming food craving and mood swings. I feel extremely physically unattarctive. I cry a lot and sometimes I feel like I could burst into tears at any moment over pretty much nothing. Sometimes I feel so hopeless and low that I feel like I can't go on when I get this way.

I hate being this way. I'm 31 now and this has been going on too long. At times, I have felt absolutely desperate to find something to deal with this. Two weeks of my life every month spent in turmoil is just way too much and it's hard on those who are close to me. A few days after my period starts, I feel like a giant weight has been lifted and I feel like a balanced person again.

Who can i speak to about this? I'm in cognitive behavioral therapy to deal with PTSD. Should I explain this to my therapist or a gyn or what? I dont have health insurance and I'm not sure if there's anything to help with this sort of thing, does anyone know if there is or not?

Thanks in advance.

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    I have depression and anxiety on top of PMDD (pre-menstrual dysmorphic disorder) and sounds like you may have PMDD too. Specifically when I'm PMSing, my depression gets so bad that I get suicidal and am constantly tempted to cut myself.

    You need to talk to your therapist and maybe a gynecologist too. Oral birth control is supposed to help (mine doesn't though, it actually makes my mood swings worse, but I actually use it as birth control) but what might actually help you, if you don't feel too creeped out/etc. by it, is actually taking oral contraceptives so you never have a period for awhile. No period, hopefully no moodswings. The coping skills you learn in therapy should also help. Definitely talk to your doctor and therapist about what to do. You might be able to get free or super discounted birth control from your local Planned Parenthood, my friend did this for awhile and it was like $4. The only problem is you have to take it religiously or you spot because it's kinda weak.

    Good luck. You aren't alone in this. Stupid womanhood :/

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