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How do I know If Violin is right for me?:)?


I want to learn the Violin, or at least I think I do . I'm a 27 year old female that attends full-time college. I have a little free time for hobbies and what not and I wanted a hobby that was better than sitting on my butt playing games or watching TV. I tried to start reading but I am very fidgety and I need something hands-on. I have never picked up a violin in my life , I have only played brass instruments and a little piano. I would have to learn to read music again but, that's not the hard part really. I plan to rent a violin because, i know if I want to play decently I will need a decent violin which could cost me more than 300 dollars so I want to make sure I like it before investing. I also will plan to least start with lessons with a private tutor. I know I wont have enough motivation to start it on my own . So what do all you think? What are the questions I should be asking myself before doing this? What should I consider?

Also, I will go to a Violin shop to rent and get them to help me find a suitable violin for me :)

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    Are you diligent and persistent?

    It's hard work.

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