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How to make my acne go away?

I have moderately bad acne mainly around my chin and mouth, sometimes my forehead. I wear makeup whenever I leave the house because it's soo doctor prescribed me to YAZ contraceptive pills and Doxycycline antibiotics which helped, but it didn't completely go away. Now i am all out of antibiotics, and I don't think my doctor will prescribe me any more , and almost out of pills too /: I think it might be my heavy makeup which is blocking my pores but I can't stop wearing it, that's just not an option until I have clear skin. What can I do to get rid of my pimples?

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    ignore what the person above said about washing your face more often. If you do so, you will dry your skin and will end up with red weird looking patches on your skin. If you have insurance, ask you doctor to prescribe Azelex along with Tetracycline. If you do not have insurance and wanna still see your doctor ask him to prescribe you tetracycline and benzoyl peroxide topical cream. If you do not have any insurance then try using sulfur mask( available over the counter) also you will need to use some cream to prevent skin damage. I would recommend complex 15( which you can buy from amazon)

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    Wash your face more often and just relax, since acne can be attributed to oily skin and stress. Your face is probably getting irritated by your hair, maybe your bangs? Try some anti acne cream, you don't have to use expensive products like proactive, you can just go to your local pharmacy type store.

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