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Is it good to run an ionizer air purifier 24/7?

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    The FDA allows a small amount of ozone to be produced by air purifiers, but many experts say any ozone for prolonged periods will harm your health.

    some of the cheaper ionizer based models actually produce ozone which can trigger allergies. because they make particles heavier. Some my friends, who owned cheap ionizer purifiers, have told me that there house seems dustier after using them.

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    I asked the same question on here and according to most people it is not good for your health to have it on 24/7.

    the ioniser is the bad part as it produces Ozone a gas this is not good fir us in large amounts or in small amounts for a larger period of time. so try to only have the ioniser on when needed for example when the pollen count is high.

    the best thing to do is buy an air purifier that does not have an ioniser and you can run this 24/7 with great results, ionisers just make the particles in the air stick to the floor but the filter removes the particles.

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