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Anybody know why we are here?

hiiii, I only recently started asking questions on yahooanswers because I thought it'd be fun to troll (trolling gets responses, whether negative or positive, its good right?) but now I'm bored and this is a serious question.

From when i was 11-18 (present) i wanted to be the best rapper like eminem or pac, chess player like bobby fischer,fitness guru like bruce lee, etc and recently realized I wasted my time on rap because anyone can do it its not a talent so i was motivated to play guitar (which has been recent although I know i'll never be good like someone who started at 12)

But what is the point of being the best guitarist or best football player? What is the point of trying? Even if you're the most famous intellect in the universe being known doesn't matter, being unknown doesn't matter, every day is just another day working to pay for food so you can try 2 fill an insatiable hunger every day until you die plus humans are going to be the death of this planet everyone in africa keeps banging and keeps reproducing more problems regarding food there, everybody chooses 2 spread stds on there own, they're killing trees, government takes taxes to put together secret science experiments that no1 is allowed to know about. It sucks if a guy is born retarded, ugly, stutters and is boring because people just judge each other while interacting through superficial relationships everyday (which is bad news for the foreign guy with the girl voice)

And what's the point of going to heaven (assuming there is a God) and if evolution is true i bet humans are going to regress into fish or something

P.S I'm not suicidal, I just lack motivation and am wondering why we're here

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    Yes, I do. We're either an accident created by the laws of physics and chemistry and biology, or God has purposes for each of our lives.I've lived long enough to realize and understand what TWO of the purposes of my life are, but I have a six week memory gap when I was in an induced coma that saved my life and brain frunction two years ago that showed me that God really DOES have purposes form life

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    9 years ago

    The point of being the best is so that only the strongest and most superiour males pass on their genes. It called survival of the fittest but humans call it competitiveness. Sadly, too many humans have also adopted that "it doesn't matter" attitude which is why we have so many stupid people, crazy people, ugly people, etc. We are just evolved apes. We are still animals.

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    Only my two kids...until they're 18. I give them a certain amount of freedom, but not too much. They're still little. I let them be themselves, but I don't let them be disrespectful or destructive. And I pay the bills and buy the clothes so they wear wth I tell them to.

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    9 years ago

    You're here to ask stupid questions like this one and point out why your life sucks.

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