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How to hide bulimia from family/friends?

I just want good tips on how to hide it from my family and friends. please dont say 'dont do it' because i will still do it and it wont make a difference. bulimia is a condition, not a choice.

thanks ;)

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    I'm sure you're screaming at your hand every time it grabs the toothbrush and crams itself down your throat.

    It started as a choice but YOU made it a condition now. And you can only hide it for a short time before your lack of energy, tinier frame and noticeably uneaten plates of food become apparent to everyone.

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    9 years ago

    Hey chanel, I just answered your question i think an hour ago and thank you so much for the appreciation. It is not often you find people asking for help that remember to say thank you afterwards :) Hopefully your good mood will persist and you can find your way out of this rough patch :D I added you as a contact (sorry if that's stalkerish, i just now picked up answers again and thought i'd try it out) so that I could get this to you. Feel free to contact me any time if you need anything else, and remember to walk with pride!

  • 9 years ago

    Doesn't seem like you want any help...So why are you on here trying to find people to support you in slowly killing yourself...Trust me you're not going to find it...Good luck with yourself that's all I got to say...If it's a condition then you can make a CHOICE and get help...instead of hiding in the corner and pretending it's all okay. It won't be okay when you're 6 feet under and everyone is grieving over you because you decided to be extremely selfish.

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  • 9 years ago

    Get help before you die. I don't see how you wouldn't want help. What will your family think when your dead? You know how devastated they'd be if you died and hid it from them when they could've got you help? Selfish selfish.

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