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Why is my vision getting worse?

im 16 and my vision is getting really bad

im scared it will get so bad that i wont be able to see?

what should i do?

and is can i get surgery or something to fux it?


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    9 years ago
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    Firstly dont' worry that your eyesight will get so bad you can't see. That simply isn't going to happen. Noone goes blind from bad vision and i've seen opticians here post they correct vision well into double figures.

    Your bad vision is about teh shape of your eyeball. As you grow that changes so typically people's eyesight gets worse as they grow in their teenage years. Sometimes it gets better but that is unusual. Do not believe any of the myths about watching TV/PC etc. there is no evidence that those make any difference. There really isnt' anything you can do about this other than stop growing. However these days contacts are wonderful adn there is lazer surgery later when your eyesight stablizes , typically in your early twenties. Until then stop worrying - look at contacts/glasses. I used to worry when I was 16 as mine kept getting worse, but I'm in my 50's now and still have perfectly corrected vision with contacts/glasses. Also new things come out all the time - when I was your age contacts were new and not that comfortable.

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  • 9 years ago

    Its normal for your vision to get worse as you get older. You can get surgery, or you can just get glasses/contacts

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    9 years ago

    Old age is hitting you early.

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