What is Diabetes? Who are likely to have it? And how it is managed or treated?

Please I need help. Please include both type of diabetes?

Thanks for your help.

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    Diabetes is your body's pancreas failing to produce insulin. Either not producing any, or only a little. There are 3 types of diabetes. Type 1 is early onset diabetes and you are usually diagnosed as a child. This cannot be helped, and doctors still don't really know what triggers the symptoms to start showing. The person with diabetes must take insulin in order to control their diabetes. Insulin is taken through shots or an insulin pump. Type 2 diabetes MOSTLY occurs in overweight people who have a bad diet and don't exercise. Not all type 2 diabetics have to take insulin, some can control it just by having a healthier lifestyle. Type 2 diabetics is also curable, while as type 1 is not. Type 3 is gestational diabetes which few pregnant women get. They only have it during their pregnancy, but they have a higher chance of developing type 2 later in life. Type 3 diabetics usually don't have to take insulin, and they just need to eat a certain amount of carbs at every meal.

    Source(s): my younger sister has type one diabetes
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    Diabetes is when your body dosent produce insulin and you can't break down sugars.

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