is my girlfriend being too harsh?

So my girlfriend (a normally very sweet and quiet girl) and I (we are eighteen) had sex a few weeks ago and, yes, I wore a condom. A couple of days ago, she says: "I haven't had my period yet." And FOR SOME STUPID REASON, I decided it would be appropriate, funny, and amusing to say: "Hmmm...probably pregnant." She turns her head with an angry expression as if she wanted to kill me and just says: "Alex, that's not funny. How could you say that? Now I'm mad."

She has not talked to me since and she is ignoring my messages/calls/apologies and she says that I am going to be punished with no sex for two weeks. Is she overreacting? Keep in mind that YES, I do realize what I said wasn't funny or appropriate, but is she taking the "punishment" a bit too far? (And btw, in a rare instance of talking to me, I know she had her period yesterday, so she's definitely not pregnant, but she still won't talk to me)

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    She sounds rediculous.

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