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Reoccurring dream about falling from a plane?

Hey the past year I've been having this horrifying dream periodically where I fall out of a plane. It's different from the typical falling dream. I don't really know how to explain why other than it's more detailed and terrifying. Even after I wake up I have to grab onto something and convince myself I'm on the ground but it can take twenty minutes to feel okay again. I'm just wondering if anyone has any incite into why and what I can do to make it stop? I'm not superstitious at all and I normally don't put a lot of concern into my dreams but I can't shake this one. I used to want to go skydiving and I actually have a friend going in a few months but I had to tell her no because I won't get on a plane right now.

I had a family member pass away in a plane crash a few months ago but I don't think that's causing the dream because I started having it about a year ago.

any ideas?

thanks for listening to my ramblings :)


I think you might be right about the feeling like I can't keep up and having a long way to fall. I've been really stressed out about the future. I used to be a really good student, I was valedictorian and everyone has so many expectations for me. I just don't think I can keep up. For the first time I'm really struggling in my classes and I don't know why. I don't have a job and I don't know what I'm doing. I don't really know what I want to do for a career. I feel like everyone around me is growing up and moving forward and I'm just getting more confused (maybe that's why the plane keeps going without me?). Maybe when I get things figured out I'll stop having this dream? Too bad I don't know how to fix things in real life haha :) thanks

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    What happened before you started having this dream? That's the clue of the cause.

    Normally being in a plane means you are flying through life, high up above obstacles and that.

    But here maybe it's a plane to demonstrate how far you are falling, or perhaps a lack of faith in keeping "up."

    If it was a plane going out of control and crashing, that would mean you losing control and maybe wrecking whatever you are doing.

    If it's more detailed and terrifying than normal falling, that might reflect the real life experience is that vivid. Falling out of a plane should be an exact metaphor for what's happening to you. So it's when you are moving through life, otherwise you might be falling from a building.

    Could it just mean that when you get up and going, you fear falling or failing? Maybe you are almost jumping out.

    Anyway, to make the dream stop, you have to stop it in your life.

    Of course, I have just remembered to bring up the rare possibility a dream can mean prediction. Because you are thinking about sky-diving. Hate to bring it up. But what if it is?

    But I'd try to correlate the dream with what is happening in your life, make a course correction, and see if the dream stops first.

    Source(s): Any more details of he dream you can think of?
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