Do these HOA phagots actually have any authority?

Ok so i just recently began renting with a room mate in a house. The house is at the back of a court and the neighborhood is "patrolled" by the homenowners association

I recently got a letter saying i "violated" their rules by by parking on the street outside my window. I do this because my car is slightly lowered and the morons that built the house made the end of the driveway way too steep so that most cars scrape without going up at an angle. Its like they built the driveway for trucks only. It a nice area but these HOA prcks are annoying.

Do they actually have any authority or do they just throw false threats everywhere? Also, is one of the neighbors conplaining? Cuz of the 5 houses at the back of the court, 4 of us park on the street quite often and im aquaintances of these 4. One also complains about the hoa too.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Sadly they have TOO much power.

    They can legally have your car towed, they can levy fines against the owner of the house, and they can actually place a lien on the house and in some extreme cases, can actually foreclose on the house.

    Annoying? Yeah, to say the least. Powerful? Far too powerful for their own good.

  • 9 years ago

    In some states, they have more authority than in others. AZ HOAs are toothless. Go to the meetings. Learn the rules. And make sure you bring up anyone else's violations if they persist.

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