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What do you think about the secrets of how companies find ways to not hire and to fire mothers?

It was on ABC last night ... I think 20/20 or a special or something like that. It's probably on their website. But one of the segments was these people who work in human resources spilling all the secrets about how companies get around the rules against discriminating mothers and pregnant women.

They said that in interviews bosses will put pictures of kids on the desk facing the interviewee and if she starts talking about kids or mentions she has kids they will not hire her. They will also offer to walk women out to their car as an excuse to look for child seats or school bumper stickers. And human resources gets told to come up with excuses to fire pregnant women that will get around the laws.


@mimi - Yeah you can say that but what about the getting fired part? You can't hide your pregnant belly forever and you have to ask for maternity leave to go have the baby eventually. Then they can find loopholes to work you out of your job.

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  • Tyla
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    I have gone job hunting while pregnant and NEVER got a call back from a place if I mentioned that I was in the interview. If I left that little bit of information out I would generally get a call back offering me the job. Of the jobs I had while pregnant 1 almost fired me basically for being pregnant. They told me once they found out that they didn't think I would be capable of keeping up with the requirements of the job. The job was waiting tables -_-. I got all hormonal and cried and they ended up not firing me but cut my hours back to the point it was no longer worth my time to even come in.

    The work place is not always friendly to pregnant women. I have never felt I was treated differently for having children though. It seems to me that so many people have children it would be hard to identify real discrimination there.

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    They do that against fathers as well. My husband had Human Resources people warn him not to talk about kids, and to not let them look in the car or to take a car that doesn't have car-seats. It's lousy, it's against both parents, and it's not right. I also find it annoying how it undermines a lot of breastfeeding mothers. People can say all they want that there's laws to protect them, but workplaces have proven over and over that a mother will not be promoted over a single-woman, and that if she actually breastfeeds then that's a consistent reminder that she's a mother.

    It's awful, but so far there's not much anyone can do until the unemployment rate drops more and they have to hire parents more.

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    "could a privately-owned business enterprise have an absolute suited to hire, fireplace, sell, serve, no longer hire, no longer fireplace...?" relies upon on state regulation. Washington is an "at-will employment state", meaning, a business enterprise can elect to fireplace an worker devoid of reason. Union contracts could come into play to restriction a business enterprise's suited in that regard. as to if state regulations could enable agencies that style of freedom is obviously a remember of dialogue. Oh, and does a business enterprise have the suited to refuse provider? Largley, particular, style of. A provider business enterprise has the suited to refuse provider to somebody who's disrupting provider for others, by using action or via different socially unacceptable habit (no longer bathing- ever, being intoxicated- and obnoxious, using foul language, and so forth). on the different hand, any discrimination consistent with race, intercourse, faith, and so forth. might needless to say be basically incorrect. An obese guy or woman denied passage via an airline? might probable no longer be unlawful (each person is born black, white, male, woman, and so forth, yet weight problems, i do no longer think of, is secure. The airline quotes for a classic "area" onboard. and, in some unspecified time interior the destiny, an extremely super guy or woman might intrude with the secure evacuation of an plane in an emergency. i'm no longer asserting what i think of may be the case, basically what i think to be real. There can continually be a court docket selection to alter issues- after which, yet another court docket selection to alter decrease back. What a international --------------------------------------... I do submit to in suggestions seeing "white basically" in eating place homestead windows interior the South (south!) while i grew to become right into a baby. it extremely is now needless to say unlawful- besides it extremely is going to be!

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    So the lesson is: never mention things in an interview that might discourage someone from hiring you. Just stick to the facts about how you are qualified to do the job.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    companies make many decisions during their hiring practice to match their needs - and bottom line - profit - its the 21st century!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    it's awful they are denying the women who need jobs the most.

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