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HELP! My hip microdermal went inside my body. Any ideas what to do?

Okay, so I got my hip microdermals about two months ago. About a month ago, the top on the right side came off. I live in a small, useless, shitty town that most of the population don't even know what a microdermal piercing is, so I have to drive 2 hours to get a new one. I work two jobs so don't get much time off. Anyway, I kept an eye on it everyday and everything was great. No signs of the post going inside or anything. I am making a trip on Wednesday to the city to get a new one.

Now, with my luck, the skin grew over tonight. I pulled retard effing dumb a$$ and went in a tanning bed without covering it! I ALWAYS cover my piercings with those small round band-aids, and I had run out and forgot to pick up some more. I figured it would be fine for one session. After my 15 minutes, I got out and literally watched my hip eat my piercing. It is completely covered with skin, except for the very top but it is cratered in my hip. Is there anything I, or my piercer, can do?? Am I going to have to get it surgically removed where they make a small incision? What will happen if I just leave it there(which I won't, I'm simply just curious lol)? I am open to any suggestions, although I don't think there are many... :(

I have fourteen other piercings, these are my first microdermals, and I am at a loss.

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    I think I'd see the piercer lol. They may have to make an incision and bring it to the front again, and give you a bigger top for it so that doesn't happen again, and so it sits against the skin better.

    Dermals won't float away under the skin, so it should be okay until you get to the piercer, but... expect pain. >.o

    Good luck!

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