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Girl troubles !!! please help me?

I gave her my number when I told her "how long do you work today, and she replied till close and then she followed up with I don't work tomorrow and then I told her maybe you should come out with me and she replied ok " and thats when I gave her my number to call me, and when I was leaving she called me ovet to her and said that she would text me, but when I saw her again she said she lost my number. When I high fived her she always wants to follow-up the high-five with fist bump ? What do you guys say, do she like me or no ? Do you think I should give her my number again ? And if so "how should I say it"

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    9 years ago

    That seems like she's keeping it very friendly. And if she wanted your number, she'd ask for it again. Sorry, unless she is just throwing out all sorts of mixed signals, she doesn't sound interested to me. :(

    Source(s): Personal experience
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