I kissed a girl...(help!)?

okay so me and my BFF had a slumber party on friday so at like 10:30 pm we watched Alice in Wonderland because it's my fave movie but afterwards we where talking and then we decided to play truth or dare on my ipod app so eventualy it came to the time where her dare was "kiss a member of the group" so I told her she didn't have to since she is straight (btw i'm a little bi) but she said "I'm not backing out of the dare" so we leaned in and kissed for about 30 seconds or so and she said it didn't bother her so I asked "wanna kiss again?" and so she said "sure, I don't care." so we leaned in and started making out and she had her hands on my hips and she started to dig into my skin with her fingers roughly. she heard someone in the hall so she stopped after like 3 minutes but.... how should I feel how do you think she feels I mean she said she's straight but...you know...she still acts normal around me like a BFF but PLEASE! HELP!!! btw yes we are both girls

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's ok girls kiss all the time even though their straight ( I'm a lesbian a lil bit) it's fine though. Tell her how u feel and see what happens.

  • 9 years ago

    You girls need to quit doing that.

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