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Does this girl like me?

There is a girl and we started hanging out and texting and stuff. she seems pretty sociable so it is hard to tell if she is flirting or just how she is. she goes to my university, but she works a lot so she dosen't have a lot of free time and she commutes so it's kinda tough. first off, she kinda got the ball rolling as far as our friendship and she asks to hang out when she has the time. she invited me to a 5 K and to hang out with her and a friend. she called me sweety once and she told me once that a proffesor thought I was her boyfriend, but that text started and ended with "ha ha". She also made the point to tell me that she added a song to her playlist called "Glad You Came" on the same day. Does this seem flirty to you or am I being too hopeful and stuck in the friend zone?

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    She likes you. just go ask her out :) I think she's waiting for you to do that.-

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