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How do boys know if they have hit puberty?

I am 14 years old and I am not sure if I have yet. I haves little pubic hair that Is starting to get darker but my voice hasn't changed and no armpit hair. I have long harms though. Is this enough to determine if I have?

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    well the term 'hit' puberty would tend to mean that you've peaked and basically finished developing. it sounds liek you are only beginning the wonderful journey >< so yeah you're in puberty atm but still have several years left. when your voice starts to break, adn your hair darkens everywhere and your muscles become mroe defined you will know :")

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    Pubes are the telling sign. Most of us get them at age 11-13. Everyone's different though, I didn't get armpit hair until I was 14 and I didn't have any really noticable facial hair until I was like 17, and it's still coming in.

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    Well, some boys' voice actually don't change. Did your balls drop? And can you get a *****? you can't get a ***** unless you hit puberty. My ex's voice was like a 5 year old and he was 15, and he could get a *****, so he did hit puberty. It doesn't matter the color of your pubes it matters the length. Guys tend to be hairy down there.

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    Puberty hits kids around ages 9-15. Your probably hitting it late, but your showing the signs. The first sign of puberty is the muscular/skeletal lengthening and growth spurts.

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    you starting if you got pubes...thats what happend to me 1st then like a few months later i started having voice cracks and get more hair and stuff

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    When you see pubic hair, it has begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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