Whats happening to me? Please?

There are times when im alone and i start to get sad im about to cry and then im fine and i cant really remember why i was upset, I mean i remember like it was about me not being able to stop eating but i dont quite understand why i was upset and i was writing while upset to try to understand. I dont want to have problems and I was scared that i may get problems again but now i dont understand why i felt that way. It was just about an hour ago. help. please

1 Answer

  • 9 years ago

    Well you sound like your going through some depression honey. If your eating out of compulsion and don't understand why you are upset there must be something deep down that's bothering you, but if you have depression sometimes you'll get mood swings for no reason. I would reach out and talk to someone if I were you, its normal to have a hard time growing up.

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