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Are Ammannia Senegalensis okay to be with betas in a bowl?

I bought a beta and keep it in a 1 gallon bowl, im thinking of ugrading soon.. but searching for the perfect plants.. this ones seems good cuz it gives him soemthing to wind around in and he can rest in it too, but i'm not sure if this plant is okay for betas. im going to get an led light when i upgrade to a larger container but for now what plant(s) should i get for his bowl? what plants or sorts of decor do betas love?

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    There aren't any plants that are "not okay" for Bettas. However, if you're just starting out, I would not suggest Ammania senegalensis, as it's a very light-demanding plant that's not suitable for beginners. Try starting with easier plants like Hornwort, Anubias, Java Fern, etc. Also be sure to get a light that's capable of growing plants if you choose to keep them - while the more expensive LED systems work for growing plants, the tiny ones are only good as nightlights or simple illumination, and will not be able to keep plants alive.

  • if you are going to upgrade get a 5 gallon filtered and heated tank for your betta and then get a real plant for your betta if you put a real plant in a bowl it will rot and make your water foul as there is no oxygen from a filter feeding the plant so it will die your betta will be more happy and comfortable in a larger tank and you can pick any plant you want to keep in a 5 gallon tank as there will be a filter feeding it oxygen so odds are it will survive all mybettas have lived minimum of 5 years in 5-10 gallon filtered and heated tanks and when you get the tank cycle it as most fish die going into an uncycled tank ( google fishless cycling) and this will give you more info on it good luck fish dont have a good life in a bowl as they are swimming in there own poop as there is no filter to get rid of it

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    I can't recommend any live plant to a bowl, because odds are it would rot. Once you upgrade to a filtered, and heated aquarium for your betta, be aware that any plants with red coloration, are going to need supplements, and high lighting.

    Any silk, or smooth ornaments work well.

    Source(s): I only keep live plants, rocks, and driftwood with my bettas.
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    Beta's are pretty easy....just a few rocks or marbles in the bottom and any decoration, altho, they live well in just calm, clean water. Have you seen the betta set-up in the bowl with a plant living on top? The roots go in the water.

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