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I don't know if my best friends thinks of me as a best friend.?

I've known my best friend for about 7 years and we've been very close until i had to move far away from him, there was a time period of 3-5 months were we didnt talk at all and then another month or two were we talk maybe 1 every 2 weeks. But now we talk almost everyday but he seems different. He would sometimes he would mess around with me and get me angry.

But Earlier today when Me him and one if other friends that i barely know but have know for a couple years were talking over skype he seemed more friendly toward him and more mean to mean for example when i would ask him questions he would ignore me and tell me to leave him alone and he would continue to talk with the other boy. I would come back later and talk with them and i would get the same answer, the is making me slightly depressed i dont know if im his best friend and i always thought we were.

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    i may be a chick but ik how u feel. actually, its just happened last week. i thought that we were both bff's but her bff was my other friend. so i have a new friend and she is actually a better friend.

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    Next time he does it call him out on it. Be like whats your problem.

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